Membership Stats

Last updated: November 2021

Summary Holdings:

Retained Monographs38,059,595
Registered in OCLC25,134,126
Not Registered in OCLC12,925,469

Data Submitted by Programs, Summer 2021

ProgramRetentions End DateRegisteredRegistration Name# Registered (November 2021 – API)
Center for Research Libraries1,030,262permanentNo, just as CRL holdings
Colorado Alliance1,100,0002040Not yet, but will be
ConnectNY852,995January 1, 2024YesConnectNY Shared Print Trust Program (CNY)154,053
COPPUL SPAN1,200,000Either December 31, 2032 or Feb 15, 2028Some are (389,649), many are notCOPPUL SPAN389,649
EAST9,955,093June 30, 2031YesEAST9,958,928
HathiTrust18,400,00December 31, 2042YesHathiTrust Shared Print Program10,410,580
MSCC1,500,000June 30, 2028YesMaine SC1,495,142
Mi-SPI1,056,290MI-SPI=2027; MI-SPI 2.0=2034YesMichigan Shared Print Initiative (MI-SPI)512,710
ALI-PALNINo formal retention commitmentNone so far, optional for libraryALI-PALNI SP
ReCAP10,544,744retained in perpetuityNot yet, they will beReCap
SCELC2,250,000July 31, 203275% (1,764,769 registered)SCELC Shared Print1,764,769
UCL Shared Print190,000 in addition to titles committed to HathiTrustOnly HathiTrust titlesUCL Shared Print
VIVA4,000,000June 30, 2025Not yetVIVA Repository Copy 2014 (not on list of approved archiving program names)
WRLC2,300,000Indefinite. Reviewed every five years.Those with fewer than 10 holdings in OCLC are registered (161,856)Washington Research Library Consortium (WRLC)161,856
Minnesota Cooperative Collection Management program270,211Dec. 31, 2024YesCALD Cooperative Collection Management Program286,439

Summary of Fixed Expiration Dates

ConnectNYJanuary 1, 2024
Minnesota Cooperative Collection Management programDec. 31, 2024
VIVAJune 30, 2025
Mi-SPIMI-SPI=2027; MI-SPI 2.0=2034
COPPUL SPANFeb 15, 2028 and December 31, 2032
MSCCJune 30, 2028
EASTJune 30, 2031
SCELCJuly 31, 2032
HathiTrustDecember 31, 2042