Working Groups

The following working groups have been meeting since January 2018 to form a solid foundation for the Partnership. The Partnership will keep the existing Working Groups in place through June of 2020, at which point elections for the new Partnership Executive Committee will be held. During this time, the existing working groups will have the opportunity to develop their transition plan to the new governance structure and determine participation based on the Partnership membership.

Objectives and Membership

Best Practices
Draft and promulgate a set of guidelines for various shared print activities.

*Tina Baich (IUPUI)
*Heather Weltin (HathiTrust)
Sara Amato (EAST)
Doug Brigham (COPPUL)
Erika Dickey (University of Kansas)
Tony Fonseca (Elms College)
Megan Gaffney (University of Delaware)
Kathie Mason (Eastern Michigan University)
Mei Mendez (EAST)
Alison Wohlers (WEST)
Former Members:
Heidi Nance (University of Washington)
Bob Kieft (Consultant)

Governance and Membership
Defines governance bodies and membership criteria.

*Matthew Revitt (Maine Shared Collections)
Mark Jacobs (Scholars Trust)
Pam Jones (Connect New York)
Cathy Martyniak (UCLA)
Heather McMullen (Queen’s University)
Peggy Seiden (Swarthmore College)

Open Data
Explores options for openly exposing Retention Data, including requirements, timetable, and costs.

*Lizanne Payne (Consultant)
*Sara Amato (EAST)
Andy Breeding (SCS/OCLC)
Natalie Fulkerson (HathiTrust)
George Machovec (Colorado Alliance)
Linda Wobbe (SCELC)
Alison Wohlers (WEST)
Amy Wood (CRL)

Outreach and Engagement
Explore how best to develop compelling narratives about shared print for all of relevant audiences.

*Galadriel Chilton (Yale University)
*Caitlin Tillman (University of Toronto)
Leah Dunn (University of North Carolina)
Tony Fonseca (Elms College)
Teri Koch (Drake University)
Former Members:
Patrick Carr (Connecticut State Colleges & Universities)

Risk Analysis
Research on what is at risk in shared print endeavors and why.

*Ian Bogus (ReCAP)
Sara Amato (EAST)
Fern Brody (University of Pittsburgh)
Robert Kieft (Consultant)
Helen Levenson (Oakland University)
Mary Miller (University of Minnesota)
Jacob Nadal (Library of Congress)
Oya Rieger (Ithaka S+R)
Shannon Zachary (University of Michigan)

Services and Business Models
Identifies services and drafts the initial budget, proposes a business model and cost-sharing formula.

*Kirsten Leonard (PALNI)
Denise Koufogiannakis (University of Alberta)
Jill Morris (PALCI)
Karen Schneider (Sonoma State University)
Kerry Scott (University of California)
Susan Stearns (EAST)

Ivy Anderson (WEST)
Rick Burke (SCELC)
Lizanne Payne (Consultant)
Roger Schonfeld (Ithaka S+R)

* Indicates group convener