Best Practices Acknowledgments

The Partnership would like to extend its gratitude to the following individuals who contributed to the Best Practices documents.

Collection Scope of Shared CollectionsInitial draft by Bob Kieft (Consultant)2020
Digital SurrogatesMei Mendez (EAST), Tony Fonseca (Elms College)2020
Disclosure of Items in Local SystemsSara Amato (EAST), Heather Weltin (HathiTrust)2020
Exiting a Shared Print ProgramHeather Weltin (HathiTrust), Alison Wohler (WEST)
Glenn Johnson-Grau (Loyola Marymount University),
Matthew Revitt (Maine Shared Collections Cooperative)
Good, Better, BestHeather Weltin (HathiTrust), Tony Fonseca (Elms College),
Erika Dickey (University of Kansas)
InventoryErika Dickey (University of Kansas), Heather Weltin (HathiTrust),
Sherri Michaels  (Indiana University), Jay Forrest  (Georgia Tech),
Britt Mueller (Iron Mountain)
Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs)Tina Baich (IUPUI),
Heidi Nance (The College of Physicians of Philadelphia)
Preservation in a Shared Print ProgramTony Fonseca, Carrie Beyer, Ian Bogus, Jason Fuller, Jennifer Teper, Shannon Zachary2021
Program AssessmentMei Mendez (EAST), Tony Fonseca (Elms College)2020
Transferring Commitments or MaterialsErika Dickey (University of Kansas), Doug Brigham (COPPUL),
Kathie Mason (Eastern Michigan University)
Resource Sharing & AccessHeather Weltin (HathiTrust), Tina Baich (IUPUI),
Megan Gaffney (University of Delaware)
Retention Period and SurvivabilityInitial draft by Bob Kieft (Consultant)2020
Scarce CopiesErika Dickey (University of Kansas), Lorrie McAllister (Arizona State Univ.), Sherri Michaels (Indiana University), Michael Rodriguez (Univ. of Connecticut), Kerry Scott (Univ. of California, Santa Cruz)2021
Sharing Metadata & RecordsSara Amato (EAST), Doug Brigham (COPPUL), Alison Wohlers (WEST)2020
Storage EnvironmentAlison Wohlers (WEST)2020