Shared Print Program Partnerships

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As shared print programs continue to expand and evolve, it is imperative that they find ways to collaborate on initiatives and collective collection building in order to ensure access and preservation of the scholarly record. Collaborative efforts across programs will also provide resource savings for both programs and members of those programs. 

Rather than using the good, better, best model, this best practice focuses on general concepts shared print program partnerships should consider in order to ensure continued access to the collective collection.  

Best Practices for Programs 

In order to build strong shared print collaborations, as part of partnership between programs, individual programs should incorporate the following in their workflows:  

  1. Communicate regularly with other shared print programs and program officers in order to stay abreast of developments and projects within their individual programs. Regular opportunities include member meetings of individual programs, collaborative projects like the Partnership for Shared Book Collections and the Rosemont Shared Print Alliance, and the Print Archives Network Forum (PAN). Submit PAN update reports for your program. 
  2. Participate in shared print collaborative efforts around collection management and analysis, pilot project opportunities, and assessment. 
  3. Make shared print program data available to other shared print programs. (See Discovery and Disclosure of Shared Print Items for more details). 
  4. Be aware of and work with both national (U.S.) and international shared print programs in order to ensure program alignment around areas like resource sharing, digitization efforts, technology, etc. Maintain familiarity with the Partnership’s Best Practices and other guidelines promoted by shared print programs and other shared print collaborations. 
  5. Contribute time and resources to other shared print program discussions and collaborations, and advocacy to lobby vendors and service providers to integrate shared print into services they provide. 


  • Partnership for Shared Book Collections – The Partnership for Shared Book Collections is a federation of monograph shared print programs in the U.S. and Canada whose mission is to ensure the long-term preservation of, access to, and integrity of monographic print resources. 
  • Rosemont Shared Print Alliance – The Rosemont Shared Print Alliance is a collaboration of regional programs interested in coordinating their efforts on a larger scale to ensure the retention of and access to print journal backfiles.
  • Print Archives Network Forum (PAN) – The Center for Research Libraries promotes opportunities for knowledgeable individuals at libraries and consortia to share information, expertise and best practices on the strategic management of print holdings.

Last Updated: January 2024