Resource Sharing

Resource sharing is the lending or borrowing of materials through partnerships between organizations, consortia, libraries, etc. (e.g., interlibrary loan). In order to enable access across shared print programs, resource sharing is often a critical part of any shared print program.

Best Practice

Since resource sharing is an established practice internationally, shared print programs should follow documented best practices for their shared collections and workflows already established. While resource sharing services may vary by program, in general:

  1. Materials should be discoverable and available for use across shared print programs when possible. To encourage a true collective collection, shared print programs are strongly encouraged to provide lending to all libraries. This includes physical or digital loans of items and photocopies.  
  2. Resource sharing should enable access for users across the globe to a collective collection.
  3. When lending an item, a shared print program or retention library may set local accessibility restrictions as needed for special collections, rare, and/or restricted access materials.
  4. Materials shared are the responsibility of the borrowing library and should be treated as such.