Research and Network Level Working Group

Investigates at scale activities including research, funding, and expand shared print.


Ian Bogus (ReCap)
Erin Engle
(Library of Congress)
Liz Hayden
(Univ. of Ottawa)
Aaron Krebeck

Helen Levenson (Oakland Univ.)
Mary Miller (Univ. of Minnesota)
Matthew Revitt
(Maine Shared Collections)
Ben Treat
(Bangor Public Library)

Task Forces:

Shared Print Toolkit

Develop a toolkit to support startup of new shared print programs  for collections and in geographic locations that are not yet served. Analyze costs and determine necessary funding for shared print programs.

Winston Barham (Univ. of Virginia)
Erin Engle (Library of Congress)
Liz Hayden (University of Ottawa)
Matthew Revitt (Maine Shared Collections)
Erika Dickey (Univ. of Kansas)
Sara Amato (EAST)

Value of Shared Print

Investigate the cost and value of Shared Print (ROI).

Aaron Krebeck * (WRLC)
Susan Stearns (EAST)
Marie Waltz (CRL)
Ben Treat (Bangor Public)
Miranda Bennett (Univ. of South Carolina)
Charlotte M. Johnson (Univ. of Pittsburgh)

Risk Research

Investigate areas of risk and issues of survivability in Shared Pring.

Ian Bogus* (ReCAP)
Sara Amato (EAST)
Fern Brody (Univ. of Pittsburgh)
Helen Levenson (Oakland University)
Mary Miller (University of Minnesota)
Jacob Nadal (Library of Congress)
Oya Rieger (Ithaka S+R)
Shannon Zachary (Univ. of Michigan)

* Denotes group convener.