Best Practices

These best practices were drafted by the Partnership Best Practices Working Group and finalized following discussions with a wide variety of constituents. The Partnership for Shared Book Collections asks each member to strive to meet the level of the Partnership Best Practices to the best of the Member Program’s ability. While this can vary greatly depending on each member’s resources and scope of programs, the Best Practices are often divided into Good, Better and Best to provide programs a baseline where to start, and a pathway toward best practices as time and resources allow. See the Good, Better, Best document for a full description of these categories. Terms used in these best practices are defined in the Shared Print Glossary. We welcome your feedback!


Collection Scope of Shared Collections

Digital Surrogates

Disclosure of Items in Local Systems

Exiting a Shared Print Program


Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs)

Preservation in a Shared Print Program

Program Assessment

Transferring Commitments or Materials

Resource Sharing & Access

Retention Period and Survivability

Sharing Metadata & Records

Storage Environment

Acknowledgments to those who worked on Best Practices

Additional Information:


The Best Practices Working Group has held 2 information webinars and made the recordings available: