Operations Committee

The Operations Committee meets monthly and works with the Program Coordinator to monitor and oversee the work of the working groups. The OC works closely with the Program Coordinator on guiding the strategic direction of the Partnership, advises the Executive Committee on that direction, prepares grant proposals, timelines and business model plans, and may recommend to the Executive Committee the appointment of working groups. The OC consists of individuals with operational shared print roles (e.g. program managers) and those with leadership roles (e.g. program/consortial directors) at Partnership Member Programs and their Participating Libraries. Members serve a three year term.

The operations committee consists of no more than 9 members, ideally limited to 1 representative per member program, including:

  • Representative to the Executive Committee (1)
  • Representatives from each of the four working groups (4)
  • Members-at-large (up to 4)


Chair – FY22

  • Pam Jones, Executive Director, ConnectNY (FY21-FY24)

Vice Chair – FY22

  • Alison Wohlers, WEST & University of California Shared Print Program (FY21-FY24)

Past Chair – FY22

  • Matthew Revitt, Special Collections and Maine Shared Collections Librarian, University of Maine (FY21-FY24)

Liaison from Best Practices Working Group:

  • Heather Weltin, Shared Print Program Officer, HathiTrust (FY21-FY23)

Liaison from Communications and Advocacy Working Group

  • Caitlin Tillman, Associate Chief Librarian for Collections and Materials Management, University of Toronto (FY21-FY23)

Liaison from Infrastructure Working Group:

  • Linda Wobbe, Shared Print Coordinator, SCELC (FY21-FY23)

Liaison from Research and Network Level Working Group:

  • Ian Bogus, Executive Director, Research Collections and Preservation Consortium (ReCAP) (FY21-FY22)

Liaison from Executive Committee:

  • Susan Stearns, Project Director, EAST (FY21-FY22)

Members at Large:

  • Paul Moeller, Associate Professor, Director, Metadata Services, UC Boulder (FY21-FY22)