Shared Print Actions: Terminology 

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The shared print community has long relied on the OCLC Shared Print Metadata Guidelines to disclose retention commitments in local and national systems which is based on Preservation & Digitization Actions: Terminology for MARC 21 Field 583 (PDA). As shared print has evolved to become a more integral part of the full collection lifecycle, PDA: Terminology no longer suits the needs of the shared print community. Following conversations and agreement with the group that maintains the PDA: Terminology, a draft Shared Print Actions: Terminology resource has been created. 

Shared Print Actions: Terminology for the MARC 21 Field 583 (hereafter referred to as SPA: Terminology) will define standardized terminology for shared print actions and allow institutions to record these actions locally. 

Our goal is to officially approve and adopt the Shared Print Actions: Terminology by the end of 2024. 

To learn more about SPA: Terminology, we encourage you to watch our webinars at

SPA: Terminology Public Draft

At this time, SMPG is working on finalizing the draft SPA based on feedback from the community. We will be releasing the approved version later this year. 

SPMG recognizes that as shared print continues to evolve we will need to update SPA and plan to do this biannually. If you have comments or suggestions regarding the current version, please let us know at  SMPG will review these as we start our biannual review process. 

History of the Shared Print Metadata Guidelines Working Group

In early 2023, the Shared Print Metadata Guidelines Working Group (SPMG), was jointly charged by the Partnership for Shared Book Collections and the Rosemont Shared Print Alliance (the two national federations of shared print programs) and is now a formal part of the Partnership for Shared Book Collections’ Best Practices Working Group. 

This new administrative home gives SPMG the mandate to create national standards for the shared print community as well as the communication channels to disseminate these standards and receive feedback and suggestions for updates moving forward. In its initial iteration the new SPMG is charged to develop a new terminology for shared print, coordinate with library service providers to ensure infrastructure needs are met, and communicate with the wider community about this work. Going forward, this group will periodically review the terminology, taking in feedback and suggestions and making updates as necessary to ensure the shared print community has sufficient support for its work. 

For more background on the formation of SPMG please see Codifying Shared Print Terminology

Future Work 

SPMG is responsible for discussing relevant changes needed to metadata to support shared print needs (i.e. metadata needs from Rosemont and Partnership working groups, outside entities, etc.), maintaining Maintain and disseminating to the broader shared print community updates to the shared print metadata guidelines, Shared Print Actions: Terminology (SPA) document, and other relevant and related resources, and ensuring that the Best Practices, SPA, and metadata guidelines align. Our official charge can be found here: