Infrastructure Standing Committee

The Infrastructure Standing Committee (formerly the Infrastructure Working Group) of the Partnership was established to develop an understanding of Shared Print program data needs, to explore the existing infrastructure capabilities, and to define recommendations and advocate for improvements. To facilitate those aims, the following Task Forces have been created:  Resource Sharing,  Matching Algorithms, Unique Materials (now sunsetted) and Discovery / Metadata.


Judy Dobry (CDL)
Melissa Gasparotto (Chair) (Univ. of Pennsylvania)
Tracy Gilmore (CSU, Long Beach)
Laura Krier (Sonoma State Univ.)

Shari Laster (Arizona State University)
Alicia Rogers (Univ. of Sydney)
Steven Smith (UMass Boston)
Linda Wobbe (SCELC)
Amy Wood (CRL)

Task Forces:

Resource Sharing

Investigate resource sharing infrastructure to support shared print programs.

Linda Wobbe* (SCELC)
Megan Gaffney (Univ. of Delaware)
Melissa Gasparotto (NYPL)
Tracy Gilmore (CSU, Long Beach)
Rachel Manning (Middlebury College)

Matching Algorithms

Exploring and documenting the varying level of needs in matching algorithms and the efficacy of existing algorithms used.

Sara Amato (EAST)
Ian Bogus (ReCAP)
Claudia Conrad* (CDL)
Judy Dobry (CDL)
Andy Hart (Univ of Pennsylvania)
Dana Jemison (CDL)
George Machovec (CARL)
Steve Smith (Boston Univ.)
Karla Strieb (BTAA/ Ohio State Univ.)
Raiden van Bronkhorst (CDL)

Discovery & Access

Explore the possibilities for library systems in support of the discovery and access of retentions for monographic shared print programs.

Melissa Gasparotto (NYPL)
Tracy Gilmore (CSU LB)
Shari Laster (ASU)
Dana Victoria Lema (Univ. of Arizona)
Andrew Welch (Drake)
Scott Phinney (Univ. of South Carolina)
Alyssa Hornick (NYU)
Maggie Mason Smith (PASCAL)
Susan Bond (Univ. of Toronto)
Sarah Lindsey (UCSC)
Caitlin Bakker (Univ. of Regina)
Stacy McKenna (UCLA)
Emily Croft (Univ. of Redlands)

See also the Ad Hoc group on Defining Unique, and the Acknowledgments page for previous members of working groups