Ad Hoc Standing Committees

Occasionally ad hoc standing committees are formed to tackle topics limited in time and or scope.

Research Agenda (2021-)

This group formed to oversee the Research Agenda for the Partnership. They also work with other groups and/or vendors on addressing particular topics and shepherding the progress of the agenda.


Ian Bogus (ReCAP)
Alison Wohlers (CDL/WEST)

Susan Stearns (EAST)

Multipart Monographs (2022-2023)

Joint standing committee with the Rosemont Alliance exploring the issues related to Multipart Monographs (MPMs) and Monographic Series retained in shared print programs.

View their report: Multipart Monographs – Outlining the Issues / List of Problems


Sara Amato (EAST)
Steve Early (CRL)
Cecilia Genereux (U of Minnesota)
Dana Jemison (WEST)
Wen-ying Lu (Santa Clara Univ.)

Cynthia Whitacre (OCLC)
Alison Wohlers (CDL/WEST)
Amy Wood (CRL)
Hank Young (U of Florida)

Completed Task Forces

Defining Unique (2021)

This group was formed to draft a definition of “unique” for the Partnership to assist when talking with vendors about identifying such materials.


Sara Amato (EAST)
Andy Hart (University of Pennsylvania)
Dana Jemison (California Digital Library)

Michael Rodriguez (Univ. of Connecticut)
Steve Smith (UMass Boston)

The report from this standing committee was distributed to the Executive and Operations committees at the end of 2021. This document formed the foundation for continued work in the area of matching algorithms and finding distinct and overlapping materials.