Additional Best Practices Under Development

The following list of Best Practices are slated to be worked on in 2022, and will be posted once finalized.

  • Controlled Digital Lending
  • Collection Analysis (currently in process)
  • Weeding
  • Succession Planning
  • Geographic Distribution
  • Community and Trust Building

The Best Practices Working Group also hosting two new task forces in 2022. The first group looked at the type of data the Partnership should request from their members to better support their work. The second is a group drafting a new document “Shared Print Actions: Terminology for MARC 21 Field 583”, which they are aligning with the Preservation community and will work with OCLC working with OCLC on the Detailed Metadata Guidelines for Shared Print.

The Best Practices group also launched a new assessment tools, similar to the STARS ILL Checklist, to provide shared print program (SPP) governing bodies with an opportunity to review and reflect on their program’s policies and procedures.