Best Practices Working Group

Draft and promulgate a set of guidelines for various shared print activities.

Current and proposed Best Practices are available from the Best Practices section of


Tony Fonseca* (Elms College)
Heather Weltin* (HathiTrust)
Alison M. Armstrong (Radford University)
Glen Benedict (Univ. of the District of Columbia)
Doug Brigham (COPPUL)
Megan Gaffney (University of Delaware)

Glenn Johnson-Grau (Loyola Marymount Univ.)
Kathie Mason (Eastern Michigan University)
Mei Mendez (EAST)
Sherri Michaels (Indiana University)
Amy Paulus (University of Iowa)
Matthew Pavlick (Columbia University)

* Denotes group convener.

Works on best practices involves many subgroups comprised of individuals both without and outside of the group. See the Acknowledgements page for contributors to various best practices.