Best Practices Working Group Webinar – June 3, 2020

Officially launched in January of 2020, the Partnership for Shared Book Collections is a federation of monograph shared print programs with a mission of coordinating collaboration among shared print monograph initiatives. As part of the Partnership, the Best Practices Working Group has collaborated on the development of several best practices for shared print programs. This webinar, recorded June 3, 2020, provided an introduction to the Partnership and discussed the best practices already available. (slides)

Heather Weltin is the Shared Print Program Officer at HathiTrust, a not-for-profit collaborative of academic and research libraries preserving 17+ million digitized items. The HathiTrust Shared Print Program has retained around 18.4 million monograph volumes making it one of the largest shared print monograph programs. Heather is co-chair of the Partnership’s Best Practices Working Group and a member of the Steering Committee.

Tina Baich is the Senior Associate Dean for Scholarly Communication & Content Strategies at IUPUI University Library. Her portfolio includes the Center for Digital Scholarship, Resource Acquisition & Description, Resource Sharing & Delivery Services, and the Ruth Lilly Special Collections & Archives. She previously served as the Project Coordinator of the ALI-PALNI Shared Print Program and currently serves as the co-chair of the Partnership’s Best Practices Working Group and as a member of the Steering Committee.