Shared Print Infrastructure Wishlist

This list is at a high level of abstraction to exemplify current needs of Shared Print programs. Interested in adding or learning more to this list? Contact

Selection & Acquisitions 

  • Systematic way to make Retentions viewable and actionable in the selection and acquisitions process. E.g. see retentions in users program and set retentions automatically on new material. 

Discovery & Resource Sharing

  • Statistics – Borrowed and lent shared print within and between programs
  • Retentions discoverable in patron facing discovery and requesting systems
  • Retentions Viewable and actionable in staff resource sharing systems

Collection Assessment, Management, and Preservation

Collection Analysis:

  • Compare list of records to known retentions within or across programs
  • Varied levels of comparison (e.g. group different editions/publishers of same title) along with degrees of certainty of the match (i.e. high confidence it is a match vs suspect match).
  • Tools to accurately compare titles that are parts of monographic series
  • See Open Data Requirements / Needs for more specific information on needs surrounding retention commitment data

Risk Analysis tool:

  • Determine if a title is at risk of being permanently unavailable in a specified program’s collective collection. For example, how many copies are currently retained? Are any retained copies in secure storage? Where are they located geographically? Is there a digitized copy?
  • What titles are most at risk currently? For example, titles that are not currently under retention and not widely held in a prescribed set (library’s resource sharing ecosystem, geographic area, etc.)

See also the CCH Lifecycle document, which delves more deeply into integrating shared print into the collections lifecycle. 

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