Shared Print Actions: Terminology (SPA) Finalized and Ready for Use

The Shared Print Metadata Guidelines Task Force (SPMG) is pleased to share that the Shared Print Actions: Terminology for MARC 21 Field 583 is now finalized and ready for use by shared print programs and library practitioners. The Library of Congress has assigned this terminology a resource action code, spa, for use in the 583$2; LC has also added Shared Print Actions: Terminology for MARC 21 Field 583 to the Resource Action Term Source Codes page, providing a central point of access for practitioners. SPMG continues to work with the Library of Congress to add the link to the SPA terminology on additional pages.

SPMG will reconvene in 2026 to review the terminology and consider any necessary updates. In the meantime, the Best Practices Working Group is convening a subgroup to develop best practices and usage guidelines for implementing SPA in programs and at retention libraries.