Call for Participation on Working Groups

The Partnership for Shared Book Collections work is carried out by four Working Groups described below*, and is looking for volunteers with interest or expertise in the following areas to join existing working groups and/or task forces:

  • Communications and Advocacy for shared print programs (Communications and Advocacy Working Group)
  • Identifying gaps in the collective collection, including both print and digital (Infrastructure WG)
  • Collections and cataloging expertise (Infrastructure WG, Research and Network Level WG, Best Practices WG)
  • Resource Sharing, including metrics and methods (Infrastructure WG, Research and Network Level WG)
  • Defining workflows and best practices (Best Practices WG)

There are no fixed term commitments for the working groups. There is an annual review of membership yearly in July. Interest in serving can be expressed using this form: Since these working groups and task forces are, for the most part, ongoing, there is no specific deadline for joining. 

Thank you for your interest in the Partnership.