Commonly Cited Resources

If you listen to the buzz around shared print, sooner or later you’ll hear about the following.

Book Traces

Controlled Digital Lending:
Controlled Digital Lending White Paper
Controlled Digital Lending Implementers
Future Thinking: ASERL’s Resource Guide to Controlled Digital Lending for Research Libraries
Controlled Digital Lending: Unlocking the Library’s Full Potential

Double Fold: Libraries and the Assault on Paper

Duplicate Books, Facsimiles, and Weeds: A Bibliography with Excerpts, for Scholars and Librarians – Michael Hancher

On the Cost of Keeping a Book – Courant and Nielsen

Operationalizing the BIG Collective Collection: A Case Study of Consolidation vs Autonomy (OCLC Research Report by Dempsey, Malpas and Sandler, 2019)

Print Management at “Mega-scale”: a Regional Perspective on Print Book Collections in North America (OCLC Research Report by Lavoie, Malpas and Shipengrover, 2012)

Revisiting Nicholson Baker and Retention of Print
Includes discussion of the MLA 2021 Roundtable: A Lost Cause? “The Importance and Challenge of Preserving Research Materials in Their Original Forms”, and links to Opening Remarks by Mike Furlough, Executive Director of HathiTrust, with a reference to the MLA Statement on the Significance of Primary Records.

Validation Studies