Steering Committee

The Partnership Steering Committee*:

  • Monitors and keeps the work of the other working groups on track.
  • Manages volunteered infrastructure such as website, communication tools, meeting support, document sharing and storage.
  • Precursor to an Executive Committee.
  • Considers the need for and appointment to new working groups.


Tina Baich (ALI )
Ian Bogus (ReCAP)
Scott Garrison (MCLS)
Jeff Kosokoff (Duke University )
Kirsten Leonard (PALNI)

Matthew Revitt (Maine Shared Collections)
Susan Stearns (EAST)
Cailtin Tillman (Downsview)
Heather Weltin (HathiTrust)

Advisory Committee

Ivy Anderson (WEST)
Mike Furlough (HathiTrust)
Robert Kieft (Shared Print Consultant)

Jake Nadal (Library of Congress)
Roger Schonfeld (Ithaka S+R)

Emeritus Members

Lizanne Payne (Shared Print Consultant)

* The Partnership will keep the existing Steering Committee and Working Groups in place through June of 2020, at which point the Partnership will hold elections for the new Partnership Executive Committee. During this time, the existing working groups will have the opportunity to develop their transition plan to the new governance structure and determine participation based on the Partnership membership.